Ultimate 90s Pop Punk Playlist

The Ultimate 90s Pop Punk playlist has “dropped!” The 1990s are when pop punk became mainstream, infecting radios and the minds of teenagers all over the world. I’ve collected the most influential and well-known pop-punk hits all into one playlist for your listening pleasure.

Vans Warped Tour. Hot Topic. Skateboarding. Always questioning if something was truly “punk” enough.

Pop punk music was defined by its simple, catchy songs backed up with distorted rock guitars and big singalong choruses. Topics were the usual teenage tropes of heartache mixed in with heavy dose of youthful rebellion, feelings of alienation and even depression, and not being “part of the crowd.”

Ultimate 90s Pop Punk Playlist

Even if you’ve never heard pop punk or don’t exactly love this kind of music, it’s always good to explore what makes other genres of music “work.”

Inspiration and creative ideas come from all kinds of places.. why not this pop punk playlist?

The names of all the songs and artists are included here in case the Spotify playlist gets taken down or stops working for whatever reason. I’m embedding the music video (if there is one) for the song so you can see what pop punk was all about too.

“Basket Case”
Green Day | Dookie

“All The Small Things”
blink-182 | Enema Of The State

“My Own Worst Enemy”
Lit | A Place In The Sun

“What’s My Age Again?”
blink-182 | Enema Of The State

blink-182 | Dude Ranch

“Punk Rawk Show”
MxPx | Teenage Politics

“Here In Your Bedroom”
Goldfinger | Goldfinger

Green Day | Dookie

blink-182 | Dude Ranch

“All My Fault”
Fenix TX | Fenix*TX

“Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)”
The Offspring | Americana

“Welcome to Paradise”
Green Day | Dookie

“Time Bomb”
Rancid | …And Out Come The Wolves

“San Dimas High School Football Rules”
The Ataris | Blue Skies, Broken Hearts…Next 12 Exits

“When I Come Around”
Green Day | Dookie

NOFX | Punk In Drublic

“Ruby Soho”
Rancid | …And Out Come The Wolves

“Bro Hymn”
Pennywise | Pennywise

“Shoulder to the Wheel”
Saves The Day | Through Being Cool

“Why Don’t You Get A Job”
The Offspring | Americana

“Chick Magnet”
MxPx | Life In General

Face To Face | Don’t Turn Away

“American Jesus”
Bad Religion | Recipe For Hate

“Cool Kids”
Screeching Weasel | Bark Like a Dog

Rancid | Let’s Go

“25 Cent Giraffes”
Lifetime | Jersey’s Best Dancers

Unwritten Law | Blue Room

“If You Love Somebody, Set Them on Fire”
The Dead Milkmen | Metaphysical Graffiti

“Inside Out”
Eve 6 | Eve 6

“Story of My Life”
Social Distortion | Social Distortion

“My Girlfriend’s Dead”
The Vandals | Hitler Bad, Vandals Good

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